Gayil Nalls

Hemispheres I, 2004
On the OmniGlobe
World Sensorium, 1999-2000
Social Olfactory Sculpture, First Record Edition, to be released in 2010
World Phytogenic Material
Amber Borosilicate Bottle, 4 x 2 inches
Permutatude Installation, 1991
Cast bronze, Rope, Talc, Pallet, Print media dating from January 8, 1991 (The beginning of the Persian Gulf War) to June 10, 1991 (Operation Welcome Home celebration in New York)
Hemispheres I, 2005
Round Screening Version
4 minutes
World Sensorium at Times Square 2000
World Sensorium premiered at New York’s Times Square 2000 celebration, released in encapsulated paperworks from above onto the crowd of two million participants as the New Year arrived. Through tapping world memory, World Sensorium serves as a natural resource to provide a universal experience. The work was created for the aesthetic of mass anatomy to evoke global memory and to evolve a metabolic collective.
World Sensorium, 1999-2000
The World Olfactory Social Sculpture is a botanical biosynthesis comprised of plant material most important to humankind's co-evolution with the natural world.
Cradle Pool, 1989
Video, Sound, Interactive Sculpture Installation
Cast Light Emitting Phosphorescent Acrylic Sculptures, 5:20 Cyclical Light and Video
Three Squared, 1989
Bronze and steel,
30 inches x 25 feet x 25 feet
Permutatude Text, 1989-1991
A 500-page book that includes the theoretical aesthetic and sociopolitical philosophy of Permutatude presented as sculpture
Gayil Nalls in her New York studio
World Sensorium at Times Square 2000
The World Sensorium paperwork multiples each contained 10 grams of the world scent encapsulated in a membrane. The world olfactory sculpture was released when the paperwork was opened.
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