Gayil Nalls
Installations → Three Squared

The Three Squared sculpture is comprised of a 30-foot triangle of metals, defined by three lengths of DiLok anchor chain connected at its points by 30-inch steel spheres. Nine constructed and cast bronze cross sculptures are attached to the chain, with three works on each side. The work takes it name from the ‘three squared grass’ (Scirpus olynei)—an indigenous species of tri–sheathed grass whose web of rhizomes anchor the marshland along the bayou and allow for a unique terrestrial-aquatic ecosystem. Its increasing destruction (primarily by oil tanker and commuting traffic) causes the marsh to wash away. As ecosystem after ecosystem collapses around the globe and more cultures head toward extinction, the Three Squared installation explores the role of belief systems in linking and anchoring a world adrift.

Three Squared, 1989
Bronze and steel,
30 inches x 25 feet x 25 feet
Installation view: Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA), Winston-Salem, NC

Three Squared