Gayil Nalls
Olfactory Art → Imprint

Imprint, 2004
Group Identity Olfactory Sculpture
Essential oil formula
based on collective information obtained from creative associates by way of Olfactory Experience Questionnaires and interviews. The common olfactory culture of the group established the Imprint formula.

Olfactory imprinting is genetic, environmental, and culturally acquired odor information. The creation of Imprint was based on information obtained from artist participants in the exhibition in order to formulate an olfactory expression that would unite others physically with their mental and emotional dimensions. Since we are all individually conditioned from childhood to particular aromas — this is a character scent of olfactory memories and carries with it the emotional images of home, family, nature, work, creative process, sleep, savored tastes, and deeply important life experiences.

Created for the collaborative Exhibition exploring identity, Plays Well With Others, curated by Daria Dorosh, where Imprint was diffused into the gallery spaces for the duration of the exhibitions.

2004, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY
2004, FIT Gallery, New York, NY, School of Thought
2004, Siggraph Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2005, University of Ohio, Trisolini Gallery, Athens, Ohio