Gayil Nalls
Olfactory Art → Olfactory Inkblot_3: Olfactory Meditation

Olfactory Inkblot_3: Olfactory Meditation
Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art
Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden

During the meditation, the public is invited to engage with the rare experience of World Sensorium, a single scent comprised of culturally associative aromatic phytogenic materials of world flora. This world social sculpture, experienced in the olfactory domain, is formulated on population percentages and marks humankind's co-evolution with the natural world through iconic scents that work as memory triggers.

The Olfactory Meditation focuses on how the brain and the natural environment are one ecosystem. This practice serves to stimulate and re-awaken one's perception of their sense of smell by focusing their attention on the present moment, wherein one can fully experience the botanical intelligence present in nature’s holistic system through olfaction’s many dimensions. Ultimately a formless sculpture, World Sensorium is shaped by the people who embody it in a state of relaxed, focused attention. As an on-going work, the social sculpture grows as it continues to be shared in international public events.